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Free SMS ShoutBox released by has released an SMS ShoutBox which has standard TargetSMS functions included. This ShoutBox enables you to show SMS messages on your website without having to program. The program can be downloaded from the website and is free to … Continue reading

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Change in Belgian payouts for Premium SMS

As of the 22nd of May there will be a change in the outpayments for Belgium. All shortcodes in the 9xxx range will no longer receive a payout on the MO message. What does this mean? The regulators in Belgium … Continue reading

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International SMS invoicing delayed

One of the international suppliers of our SMS services platform, is currently updating his billing system, which is temporarily delaying outpayment invoices. Therefore your March outpayment invoice will be issued late, after May 20th, due to the overrun in the … Continue reading

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Ready-to-use modules are ‘back’

Almost a month after the release of the new website and the response is mainly positive. Most of you really like the new design and the new API. Also the My Account section is often considered to be a nice … Continue reading

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