Important information about servicenumbers in The Netherlands

As of July 1st 2009 consumers calling premium rate numbers (prefix 090x) in The Netherlands will be better protected. To accomplish this ALL 090x numbers need to be registered at the “Geschillencommissie Informatieaanbieders” ( with information about the service provider and the information provider of each number.

To clarify:

– The service provider is the company or individual the number has been issued to by the Opta and who is registered as the owner. In Dutch this is the “nummerhouder”.

– The information provider is the company or individual who actually uses the number and has received this number from TargetMedia. In Dutch this is the “nummergebruiker”.

The following situations can occur apply:

1. You are using default Targetpay or Ringtonio numbers. TargetMedia is both the service provider and the information provider as the number is issued to us by the OPTA and used by several of our partners. You do not have to take any action.

2. You are using a number dedicated to you that is registered by TargetMedia as service provider. You will need to register as the information provider as you are the one actually using the number. You do not have to take action immediately as we will inform you later this month about the steps you need to take.

3. You are using a number that is registered in your name at the OPTA and you are using the number. You will need to register as service provider and information provider with the “Geschillencommissie Informatieaanbieders” at Please take action as soon as possible. You will receive more information directly from OPTA by mail.

In most cases situation 1 applies and TargetMedia will take care of the registering as a service provider and or information provider.

Registration is needed to ensure that when a consumer has a complaint about a service, the right people responsible can be contacted. The consumer had to put their complaint in writing to the information provider first. The information provider needs to reply to the complaint within 30 days after receiving the complaint. If the consumer does not agree with the information providers response or the response is not within the 30 day time limit the complaint will be taken to the “Geschillencommissie Informatieaanbieders”. This Committee then gives a binding decision and or advice. The Committee charges a fee for the investigation of complaints which we try to avoid at all times.

If you have any questions contact the sales department at

Please note that if situation 2 applies you will be informed about the necessary steps later this month.

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