Earlier this week we updated our site TBForum.com. The most important new feature is the release of the TBForum.mobi. We have created a mobile version of the forum especially for webmasters who want to be able to view discussions, sell and buy postings and private messages everywhere and anytime.

TBForum.mobi contains – unlike most mobile websites – almost all functionalities of the TBForum.com website, including all moderator functionality. Only registration and profile changes must be done via the TBForum.com website. The .mobi site is created especially for use ‘on the road’ with a different setup and different navigation.

The .mobi site is optimized for use with an iPhone and should also work fine with most other ‘smart’ phones. We have made the conscious choice not to create a real WAP-site, because of its complexity and we expect that most people using the forum will probably have a smart phone like an iPhone, a Blackberry, a HTC etc. with a browser.

To view the mobile site use your phone and go to:


or send an sms to receive a link to the forum on your phone!

Text FORUM to 3010. Free!
Text FORUM to 6033. € 1,00

Please let us know how you feel about the new TBForum.mobi by posting a reply on the forum or sending an e-mail to sales@targetmedia.nl.

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