Change in payouts for Premium Rated Numbers – Belgium

As of December 1 2009, Belgacom will change end user prices for calling a premium rated number (090x-number) from a mobile phone. According to Belgian law no distinction can be made between calls from mobile phones and land lines. This means that the end user rate should be the same for all callers and therefore Belgacom has chosen to reduce the payouts for calls made by mobile phone users. Both the outpayment for “Per minute” lines and Per Call lines will be reduced by € 0,20 (excluding VAT). The exact amount will be charged by the second. So if a call lasts 30 seconds, your outpayment will be € 0,10 cents less than it is today. Mobile phone numbers from Belgium all start with one of the following prefixes: 047, 048 or 049.

The new payouts are:

Belgian Payouts

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