Change in Belgian payouts for Premium SMS

As of the 22nd of May there will be a change in the outpayments for Belgium. All shortcodes in the 9xxx range will no longer receive a payout on the MO message.

What does this mean? The regulators in Belgium have decided that an MO message can no longer be billed and therefore as of the 22nd end users with an Proximus and Base will be charged € 0,15 per MO and Mobistar will charge end users € 0,00. Even though there will still be a small charge for Proximus and Base end users there will not be any payout on these amounts.

Note that all MT payouts remain unchanged. And that this change only affects shortcodes in the 9xxx range – the so called – subscription shortcodes. All other shortcodes remain unchanged as well.

Please check all communication (websites, print etc.) to make sure you communicate the new end user prices!

All partners with Premium SMS services in the 9xxx range have already received an e-mail containing this news.

For an explanation of the terms MO and MT we kindly refer you to our Frequently Asked Questions section on TargetSMS.

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