‘Freakz’ get sneak preview of new TargetPay website

On April 18th TargetMedia will tease the people attending the PFCongrez 2009 in Maarssen (near Utrecht). Right then and there a sneak preview of the new TargetPay website will be shown to the attendees. 

Major changes have been made to the website’s design and layout but also the focus of the TargetPay website has completely shifted. Where the focus used to be on the payment modules it has now shifted on what you can use TargetPay for.  Possibilities are well described and visitors of the website are referred to so called Business Partners for customized solutions and help with implementation of TargetPay API.

The Business Partner Program is to encourage developers to create software with a TargetPay payment module in it. Business Partners will then earn money on each payment done with their software.

The release of the new website www.targetpay.com is scheduled for later this month.

The PF Congrez is a yearly event held by the PHP Freakz Organisation – www.pfcongrez.nl.

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